Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Samuel R. Delany's Nova and The Civil Wars

I've been listening to The Civil Wars' single, Barton Hollow, a lot lately. It's got great rhythms, an intruiging story, and let's face it, the vocals are superb:

Now, I've been reading Nova by Samuel R. Delany for my Afrofuturisms class (it's AWESOME). In it, there's this character, the Mouse. He's a Romani, a wanderer, and a musician. He plays something called a sensory-syrynx, an instrument which, when played by a skilled musician, can create visual images and smells as well as sounds. Mouse is intriguing over all, and something about his, and the whole, story linked up to this song for me. Maybe it's because I have a fondness for space westerns (Firefly, anyone?) or maybe it's just the thematic link of being unable to return to a place, of being a drifter (and maybe a little outside of the law). Anyway, here's the Mouse and the syrynx. He wouldn't leave me alone, so I drew him.

Sorry about the looks like the Pleiades Federation is out looking for him. Also, shading is hard :P