Friday, March 9, 2012

The AFK Tavern

I recently had the great fortune to visit the AFK Tavern in Everett, WA.

The menu, like everything else, was delightfully geeky. For victuals I ordered something called the Mt. Doom burger - a beef patty topped with the one onion ring to rule them all followed by the hottest hot sauce I think I have ever consumed. Though my mouth was burning with the fires of a thousand ages, the upside is that I can say I've eaten a volcano in my lifetime.

The drinks menu was, likewise, full of mishaps. While my friend threw back her Gryffindor shot and sipped on a Previously, on Battlestar Galactica... I ordered nothing but Zelda drinks.

#1 - Lon-Lon Milk
If you aren't singing Epona's song in your head right now, there's something wrong.

Rich, creamy and with a hint of nuttiness, Lon-Lon Milk goes all out with a float of whipped cream to t
op it off!

Hearts: full. Sword: charged. It's game time.

Made with Frangelico, American Honey, and Half and Half.

#2 - The Triforce
Make a wish, you're in the Sacred Realm.

Intense but with a light hint of smoky haziness when going down. Pure gold.

Goldschlager, Vanilla Vodka, and Dark Rum.

#3 - Gerudo Valley Tea

For which there is no photo :(

Smokey with a hint of sour and rimmed with sugar, evokes long treks across the wastes and getting thrown in jail by sexy thieves.

Made with Firefly tea and Bulliet Bourbon.

In short: totally awesome. I'll be going back.